Domestic Violence

If you are battered:

  • Go to a safe place if possible
  • Call the police, 911 or the Lake Family Resource Center Community Crisis Line at 1-888-485-7733
  • Do not change your clothing.
  • Do not shower or apply medication to wounds.
  • Do not wash or destroy the clothing you were wearing.
  • Do not disturb anything at the crime scene.

If you are living with domestic violence:

  • Remember that this is not your fault. You deserve to live a life free of violence.
  • Understand that your abuser will become more violent.
  • Tell a close neighbor to listen for strange noises and to call the police when this happens.
  • Get rid of all weapons and dangerous objects at home, if it is safe.
  • Make an escape plan for you and your children.

Personal Safety Plan

  • A Safety Plan can prepare you for future violence. It can help you and your children be safe.
  • Develop a special code word with your children, family and friends to alert them to call law enforcement.
  • Put important documents, such as birth certificates, medical records, medications, and a change of clothes in a safe place.
  • Install locks, a security system, smoke detectors, etc. to make your home safe.
  • Teach your children how to use the phone and how to call 911.

Community Crisis Line


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