Be Fresh

The Be-Fresh program at Lake Family Resource Center provides food demonstrations, nutrition and physical education trainings throughout Lake County.  Be-Fresh works with the Cal Fresh eligible population to encourage healthy eating while on a fixed income.  We provide recipes and resources that the whole family will love that are affordable, healthy and fun to make.  Demonstrations and trainings are done at a variety of sites including school sites, grocery stores, food giveaway sites, veteran clinics, homeless encampments and with the tribal and migrant populations.  The primary goal is to increase physical activity and the intake of fruits, vegetables and whole grains.  The Be-Fresh program uses “My Plate” materials as a visual example of how to fill your plate for each meal.  All recipes and resources are found at the USDA website.

Program Coordinator:  Kimberly Gentle
Contact Information:  707-279-0563 ext. 209


The program is funded through the Lake County Department of Social Services